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Saturday, August 13 -- at Broadbeach, Australia
Michael Katsidis vs. Michael Lozada

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jean Pascal vs Chad Dawson Rematch?

This fight has a big chance to happen in 2011 because their first bout was really exciting especially in the last rounds of the fight where Pascal scored an 11th round TKO against Chad Dawson.

Chad Dawson on the other hand must win this second fight to get him in the elite rankings again.

Pascal just had a Draw win Bernard Hopkins recently even after knocking his opponent down twice in the early rounds but Hopkins showed his experience and skill and outworked Pascal from the middle rounds to the end of the fight.

Both fighters need to win this bout to atleast make a comeback from their previous loses.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pacquiao beats Margarito via Brutal Unanimous Decision

Manny Pacquiao once again displayed his quickness, fast hand speed and durability. The 8th wonder of the world as they call him it shows that even with big weight disadvantage Manny Pacquiao proves that his speed and durability win fights.

Pacquiao landed punches in bunches on Margarito's face and body. The proud mexican couldn't do anything as he can 't see Pacquiao's punches but the mexican is very durable and determined to slug it out with the Pacman.

Once again a taller and bigger guy got whooped! same fate as his previous opponents.

According to the boxing world Pacquiao's most likely next opponent would be Sugar Shane Mosley. So we'll about that matchup next year.